Cross stitch commemorating the final entry in the “Baby’s First Year” journal kept by the artist’s mother.
Oh goodness, this is too cool.
Coquette: Book Review: SF Exploratorium’s The Art of Tinkering + Interview with Fiber Artist Moxie Liberman
For the fiber friends:
I use bits and pieces of leftover roving to build the beginning layers of my sculptures. I’m working on a thing, and realized the size wasn’t right. Since I had to slice an end off the piece, I thought you might like to give the insides a peek.
If you cut open any of my work, this is how it would look, but much more dense and compact. This is fluffy-ish because I’m just beginning.
Untitled (by moxie lieberman)
Detail of “Colony” (by Modern Fiber Lab - Sonya Yong James)
I’m obsessed with lungs and the ways different artists portray them. Maybe it’s because I have a really rare form of COPD… ya think?
Anyway, these knitted/embroidered lungs are gorgeous.
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What!? WHAAT?!  (by становление цели из случая)