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The destruction of us all, precariously kept at bay by one half-mile, and a desperate hope that the monkeys stay home.

I feel bad for John Heard. If you’re him, you look at the whole cast list and think “Oh shit, when did THIS happen to me?!”
And if you’re Ian Ziering, you’re like “No way! I’m in a MOVIE?!”
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Happy Birthday, Sharknado!!

Top Master Taste Kitchen - It’s down to the three worst dishes and the host says

Jonathan, your pea purée was grainy and the garlic completely overwhelmed your dish.


Allison, the steak you prepared was over-cooked, under-seasoned, and uninspired.


Jessica… We fucking hate you.

This is fucking bananas.
Probably they are playing video poker.
In The Absence of Empathy You Will Find Malevolence by Peter Fleming - adrift: Constructs, with Richard Alexandersson, SOIL Gallery, July 2014
I made a terrible mistake.
Richardson touches my heart.
(Did you know Ralph Richeson paints!?)
My hand is so up.
So, if mister potato head shits himself, does he have tater tots?
In progress.
I never do these but… this dress!! Oh how I love this dress!!!
(P.S. After it arrived, this happened.)