No really, I am the Jane Goodall of tube men air dancers.
“I know you see in me some blue-clad symbol of male sensuality, but beneath this gabardine exterior beats the heart of a simple man with strong domestic desires. I have to know once and for all. In the twilight years, when the blaze has been reduced to embers, will we still be together? Semper fidelities at my side?” - Sgt. Phil Esterhaus
I love Michael Conrad. You should, too.

Entire human skeleton in a box.

This is how YOU go.
(via » c. 1800s: Black Cats Roller Derby Woman)

I bet she’s smiling like that because she knows she could punch out the photographer whenever she feels like it.
Craftsploitation! (Kind of.)
Group Knitting
Michael McKean’s Twitter Feed

So, I made another thing.

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